WAIKERIE GLIDING CLUB celebrates the importance of oranges to the region with its ORANGE WEEK gliding competition, first held in 1962.The Orange Week trophy, awarded to the Champion Pilot, is adorned with many legendary pilot names; Moss Potter, Malcolm Jinks, Bob Martin, Sue Martin, Bob Rowe, David Jones, Bruce Brockhoff, John Holland, Haidyn Dunn, Ted Pascoe, Mike Borgelt and Rudi Gaissmaier to name a few. Most recently Craig Vinall has been the focus of the trophy engraver.
Orange Week is structured for serious pilots; that is pilots seeking serious fun both in the air and in the clubhouse. The competition offers three grades (“orange speak” for classes); grand prix grade, juicing grade and fresh grade. Grand prix flying is not handicapped, juicing grade offers conventional handicapped AAT and AST tasking, and fresh grade (also handicapped) gives the pilots who are willing to take on some demanding extra challenges the opportunity to come to distrust the task-setters.
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